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Whatever else it may be, life is rarely predictable. In any given month it is possible to find that money has suddenly and unexpectedly become 'tight'. In such situations, having access to quick online loans may be very useful. Fortunately, they do exist!

Loans when needed

Of course there are many sources of potential loans. What's also true is that typically many of them will be geared towards lending larger amounts of money and over longer repayment periods. Examples may include loans for cars, house extensions or major holidays etc.

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These types of loan may be suitable in the right circumstances but typically they involve lengthy application processes and you may be tied into longer repayment periods over months or even years.

You may find that they're not really ideal for the urgent short-term cash injection you want to help you survive until your next pay day.

That's where quick online loans come into play!

Payday loans

There is a form of cash advance loan that's often called the pay day loan. This type of facility is aimed at people that have need of a fast loan to cover a gap until they next get paid. The sums lent are typically smaller than in conventional loans (usually up to £250, though this can vary among payday loan companies) and as a general rule, no security is required on the payday loan providing the terms and conditions are met.

The payday loan - how it works

On the internet there are specialist providers of payday loans. On their sites it is possible to apply for a loan of this type by keying in a relatively small amount of information about yourself and the cash advance loan you require.

You will typically receive an almost instant decision. If you get a 'yes', the money could be in your bank account within as little as 2 hours (or the very next day, depending on whether your bank accepts immediate transfers).

Then, on your next payday (or perhaps the following one depending upon dates etc) the payday loan company will place a debit directly onto your bank card to recover in full the loan and their charges (ie interest and any bank transfer fee) - the amounts and dates are of course agreed with you in advance.

At that point the payday loan is closed off and finished. You have no outstanding debt.

Quick online loans - how to get one

As the amounts lent on payday loans are typically smaller, the entire process is much simplified. In general to obtain an online cash loan you'll need:

a UK bank account and debit card (this will be used to receive your loan and in due course, to be debited by the lender to recover their money); a permanent UK address of residence; to be aged 18 or over; to be in permanent employment and in receipt of a regular salary or wage (the maximum amount requested for the cash advance will need to be sensible when seen against your income). Contacting a specialist payday loan provider of quick online loans could make all the difference the next time you have a difficult month, and you may be surprised how cost-effective this type of borrowing may be, say when compared to going overdrawn without authority on your bank account.

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